Forklift Sales in Chattanooga, TN

Industrial Lift Truck carries a variety of new and used forklifts that are durable and ready to lease or buy at any time. Our equipment is safe, tough, and made to endure all kinds of conditions including weather and space capacity. If you need a smaller forklift to fit in tight spaces and work low off the ground, we have it. If you need a larger sized forklift to fit in large spaces and carry heavy equipment up high, we also have it.  
Our new and used forklifts are all different makes and models ranging in different sizes, height and width, as well as weight and space capacity.
Specific types of new forklifts we supply are: 
• IC Pneumatic Tire Forklifts
• IC Pneumatic Heavy Duty
• Electric Forklifts
• IC Cushion Tire Forklifts
• Electric Reach Trucks and Order Pickers
• Electric Pallet Trucks
• Hand Pallet Jacks
• Electric Walkie Stackers and Tow Tractors
We have a large selection of forklift hydraulics!

You can put your trust in our equipment, knowing it’s made to complete a job safely and without any setbacks. Our equipment is made to do all the work for you with easy-to-use forklift hydraulics and other interior controls.
If you need a forklift truck temporarily, no problem! We want to accommodate you the best we can with our supplies and prices. At Industrial Lift Truck, we don’t just sell you expensive material handling equipment you need for a short amount of time. We give the exact forklift you need, at an inexpensive rate, for however long you need it.

At Industrial Lift Truck, you can consider yourself taken care of the second you contact us. We know there are a lot of questions regarding forklift trucks and all of their parts; we are more than ready to answer anything for you.
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